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Olde Tyme Kettle Kitchen is a family-owned and operated confectionery company. Opened in 1994 by husband and wife team Gary and Denise.  Growing up, we both had a passion for making and sharing delicious, mouthwatering sweets.  When we realized we could turn our candy making knowledge into a business, we decided to open a store in St. Jacobs, Ontario.


All of our candy is made the olde fashioned way,  by hand in copper pots and cooled on marble tables.  This ensures that every bite is sure to take you back to your childhood! Over our 26 years of business, we have refined our original recipes to perfection and developed new ones along the way. We now make a wide variety of confections including fudge, brittle, sponge toffee, caramel corn, beer nuts, candy apples and more.


Today Gary and Denise, with the help of their son Andrew, are still hard at work making delectable candy for their customers. We take pride in using the same techniques that we started within 1994. 


You can find Gary, Denise or Andrew sharing their love for candy at the St. Jacobs Farmers Market and Fairs and Festivals across the province.

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